Rumor vs Reality

Rumor: Blexit is a movement to free Black people from the shackles of Democratic party policies. Reality: Blexit is a campaign by a conservative pundit to attract African Americans to the Republican party.

Published October 21, 2020

This card was produced in partnership with the Stop Digital Voter Suppression Project.

In late 2018, conservative pundit Candice Owens co-opted the name ‘Blexit’ in coordination with right-wing conservatives. Her goal was to convince Black Americans to leave the Democratic party. Since the 2018 midterm elections, Owens has used social platforms and physical events to push out misleading information about voting, COVID-19, and the Democratic party. This is part of a broader effort to target and suppress the Black vote.

Originally, Blexit (Black exit) was a Minneapolis-based movement that was formed in response to the murder of Philando Castile. Their goal was to create a national movement to address economic racial disparities and oppression within the Black Community.


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