About Us

Why we’re here:

We want to make it easier to tell truth from fiction.

It  gets harder and harder to keep track of what is real, tell truth from fiction, fact from opinion.

It’s hard to know where to get real answers.

We get confused too.

So we’re digging into these topics and learning.

Then sharing what we learn.

Why disinformation works:

  • There’s just so much of it.
  • Extremists have connected their networks to spread lies fast, far and wide.
  • Repetition – the more you hear something, the more likely you are to think it’s true.

We’re pushing back.

We’re learning from the bad guys to help you (and us) stay clear-eyed. So we’re building:

  • Clear, simple, memorable information.
  • A network of partners, friends, allies and influencers sharing honest, carefully researched information.

Who we are:

We are a team of volunteeeer technologists, marketing professionals, academics, writers, communicators, and citizens who are worried about the impact of disinformation on democracy.

We don’t accept ads or funds from commercial entities.

We are working toward formalizing our non-profit status.

Honor Code

  • We do our best to ensure that any information we share is true and reliable.
  • We show all of our references.
  • If we make a mistake we correct it immediately.
  • There will be times when issues aren’t easily summed up in a few points, we will tell people when we’re over-simplifying.
  • If we find that there is more than one valid argument, we will say so.
  • We don’t break laws.

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