What are the key election dates?

The path from Election Day to Inauguration Day several steps. Each of these steps might be contested, and all of them deserve attention.

Understanding Antifa and the George Floyd Protests

Key takeaways: Antifa is not an organization or group; a presence at the protests; or coming to your town on a bus. Antifa is an ideology committed to fighting back against violent fascist extremists; and willing to clash and fight, but not with guns or other deadly weapons.

Should I Wear a Mask?

Key takeaways: My mask protects you and your mask protects me. Favor science, not politics - masks work. Yes, wear a mask in public.

Could a Democratic President Take Away Second Amendment Rights?

Key takeaways: No. A president can’t take away Second Amendment rights. The Second Amendment is in the Constitution. Presidents can’t change the constitution. Gun control is like requiring a driver’s license. Most people — even gun owners — support gun control.

Voting & Elections [...]

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