US Citizenship Act Q&A

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Q1: Does the bill create open borders?

A: No. The border rules are the same. The bill proposes smart technology to catch more illegal border-crossers.

Q2: Does the bill make everyone legal?

A: No. People who break the rules will still face the same penalties. People who obey the law will have a clearer path to either green cards or citizenship.

Q3: Does everyone get a path to citizenship?

A: Eligible people must prove they will be good citizens over a 6-10 year process. They must pass several background checks, keep a clean criminal record and pay taxes on time.

Q4: Will the bill raise the number of legal immigrants admitted into the country?

A: No. Legal limits on the number of immigrants we accept are the same.

Q5: If people are treated humanely at the border - does that encourage more illegal immigration?

A: Maybe. This is a complex issue. As a country, we must respect basic human rights. That said – we also need sustainable border policies. In addition to sorting out a lot of complicated and inconsistent laws and bureaucracy, the bill attempts to address root causes of migration by working with countries in crisis.


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