Rumor vs Reality

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Urban legends rely on the “friend-of-a-friend” or the “there’s a nurse in Vermont” kind of language, where someone supposedly died… but no one ever knows them personally. They seem true because they come from people you know, and they hit us where we’re nervous.

But if you take a sec to check for a name, location or date, and nothing shows up… then it’s just a ghost story. Out of more than 34 million vaccinations given in the U.S., so far only one person’s death appears related to the vaccine, though it hasn’t been confirmed.*

We know enough now to say that if there are any vaccine related deaths, they’re very, very rare. We’ll update this post as data develops.

The key point here: No source = no truth.

*Note that there is some early evidence that suggests that very elderly or frail people may be overwhelmed by ordinary mild side effects. One person may have died of anaphylaxis (allergic reaction). These are as yet unconfirmed. In any case these severe issues are extraordinarily rare.

COVID-19 information is piling up quickly. We will be sure to update all of our vaccine information as new info comes in.


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