4 Questions You Asked About Trump’s Second Impeachment

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1. Why is it a big deal that Trump was impeached again?

  • Trump is the first president to be impeached twice.
  • He’s the only president to be impeached for actions leading to the interruption of government.

2. The Senate still needs to convict, right?

  • Yes, the Senate will hold an impeachment trial.
  • The House Impeachment managers act as the prosecution. Trump’s lawyers act as the defense, and the Senators act as the Jury.
  • Two thirds of the Senators must vote guilty in order to convict him. That means 67 Senators must vote to convict.

3. Would conviction change anything for Trump?

  • If convicted, the Senate can vote to prevent him from holding any future office. He could not run for president again.
  • Trump – or others – could be subject to criminal charges based on the evidence.
  • There’s a slight possibility that Trump could lose some lifetime  benefits, like office space or some travel expenses.

4. Why have a trial if he’s already out of office?

  • History – The impeachment tells future congresses  that Incitement to Insurrection is grounds for impeachment.
  • The senate will likely bring witnesses, documents, and other evidence of what really happened.
  • It will create a formal record of the events of Jan 6, 2021.


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