Rumor vs Reality

Published February 26, 2021

There’s no evidence that the vaccine will reduce your fertility, or harm your unborn child. It can’t give you the disease, and it may protect you and your pregnancy.

An unfounded rumor and a fictional sci-fi movie came together to create this viral disinformation. The truth is that despite a heap of science-sounding words about amino acids and proteins, the claims are a complete misinterpretation of pseudo-facts and have no basis in reality.

The vaccine can not cause your immune system to start acting against your placenta, fertilization, or a fetus.

There’s no reason to avoid the vaccine if you are, or want to get pregnant.

In fact, several obstetrical societies and the World Health Organization now recommend that pregnant people get vaccinated.

Pregnant people are more likely to get seriously ill if they get infected with COVID-19. Serious COVID-19 can lead to serious complications during and after pregnancy that can threaten both mother and child.

If you have concerns you should discuss them with your healthcare provider.


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