Rumor vs Reality

Published November 9, 2020

This card was produced in partnership with the Stop Digital Voter Suppression Project.

Mail-in ballots take a long time to count. They are completely legal, and states have their own rules for counting them. States continue counting ballots after Election Day in every election year. Every state has to certify the results by December 8.

Efforts to only include votes that are counted only on the actual day of the election are tactics to suppress legitimate votes. Because of the Pandemic, more Black and Brown people chose to vote by mail vs in person. This set the stage for the President to claim that their votes are illegal. This is a form of voter suppression.

There have been many claims of cheating but none of them came with any credible evidence.
Some people have spread fake videos or photos – every one of them has been investigated and debunked.

Every vote will be counted. The process is working well and legally.

People vote. States count the votes. This is democracy in action.