Rumor vs Reality

Published November 4, 2020

This card was produced in partnership with the Stop Digital Voter Suppression Project.

Check your ballot status now: has a link to every state’s ballot tracking system. If it was rejected, you might be able to fix it.

Ballots can be rejected for a number of reasons: missing information, missing or mis-matching signatures, envelope issues or other technicalities. Some states will automatically notify you if your ballot was rejected – others won’t.

Usually ballots are counted in good faith – but some states consistently reject more ballots from Black and Brown voters than others. It is a form of voter suppression.

It is critical that you check your ballot status as soon as possible. You may only have a couple of days to fix it if needed. Many states will let you fix a rejected ballot, but you may be asked to either sign an affidavit confirming that the ballot belongs to you, present identification, fill out a replacement ballot, or correct your signature.


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