Rumor vs Reality

Published December 4, 2020

According to federal, state and local officials – including many Republicans and Trump appointees – the 2020 election was secure, legitimate and well-run.

Officials at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency and the Justice Department have said there is no credible evidence of widespread fraud that would affect the results. 

Recounts in Pennsylvania, Georgia and Wisconsin confirmed the legitimacy of their results. 

Forty-one separate court cases have been dismissed for lack of evidence so far.

The facts are clear: 

  • GOP poll watchers had equal access.
  • There weren’t a large number of “illegal votes.”
  • There was no software hack.
  • Hand counts confirmed the machine counts.
  • Mailed ballots were secure and carefully scrutinized.
  • There were no statistical anomalies. 

The federal government officially began the transition process to the new administration on November 23.

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