Rumor vs Reality

Published November 17, 2020

Georgia will have 2 runoff elections. One for 5 state and local offices.  Another for 2 senate seats. Most people are more concerned about the Federal Senate runoffs, but it’s important not to confuse the dates between the two.

These are the dates for each:

GA State and Local Runoff
Dates vary by county. Check your county website.
GA Senate Runoffs
Request an absentee ballot ASAP ASAP
ballots sent
ASAP Nov 18
Oct 5  – PAST. Dec 7
BE 18 by Jan 5, you can register.
Early in-person voting starts Varies by County Dec 14
Election Day Dec 1 Jan 5

Georgians can register to vote by Dec. 7, including those who will be 18 by Jan. 5. You can register and vote even if you did not vote in the Nov. 3 election. Register here. Check your status here.


Georgia Secretary of State. Register to Vote

Georgia Secretary of State: 2020 Revised Short Calendar.

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Key Dates for Georgia Runoff

Georgia’s Senate runoffs are Jan. 5, with early voting starting Dec. 14. Dec. 7 is the deadline to register - and if you'll be 18 by Jan. 5, you're eligible. There are State and local runoffs on Dec 1.