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Disinformation spreads because it gets people’s attention. Then Facebook, Twitter and other platforms push it harder. And so on.

Every day we’ll post a #factflood– simple info that debunks a lie.

Share and repost it, it will take back some of that attention going to disinformation.

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#FactFlood Fundamentals

no poop

1. Ghost the lies.

If you know it’s a lie – leave it alone. Lies on social media get your anger to spread. Every click, comment, share or reaction, makes it more visible to more people. No hate clicks or shares.

2. Share facts.

Credible info needs your clicks, comments and shares! The more good info we share, the more people will see it and the less room there is for lies.

Look for the daily #FactFlood to get started.

3. Take a sec to check.

We all get fooled sometimes.

Try it! Tell us how it goes.

So, what is my next step?

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Fact Check in 30 Seconds

You saw something and it doesn’t seem right. Here’s what to do.

1. See if there’s already a debunk out there. Check:

2. If you didn’t find anything, check the most reliable national news sites.

We have a whole page dedicated to the issue of reliable sources.

3. Still haven’t found a credible source?

Tag us on social or email us at [email protected]. We’ll ask pros to look into it and get back to you.

Want to fight even harder?

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A lot of people will think that being smart means they won’t get fooled by disinfo.

But that’s not true!

We’ve all been fooled – and we spend all day studying these things.

Help us help others by sharing your story.

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