Rumor vs Reality

Rumor: Obama was way more corrupt than Trump. Reality: Obama was investigated, but no charges were ever brought.

Published September 21, 2020

There were many investigations into the Obama Administration, but no charges were ever filed against anyone in his administration. Trump’s administration has had  7 members of his campaign or administration  charged or convicted of serious crimes. They include Bannon, Stone, Cohen, Manafort, Papadopoulos, Flynn, and Gates.

The Trump administration has been far less cooperative with investigations. They have refused to hand over documents, testify, and ignore subpoenas. Trump administration has also neglected to comply with recommendations from the Office of Ethics to remove conflicts of interest. The Trump family continues to do business, especially with foreign governments. The Trump administration has fired several Inspectors General.

The Obama administration was far more consistent in complying with Ethics recommendations, Congressional investigations and Inspectors General.


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