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Question: I didn't vote in November - can I still vote in the runoffs? Answer: If you're registered, you can vote in the runoff elections - regardless of whether you voted in November.
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If you’re registered to vote in Georgia, you can vote in the runoff elections, even if you did not vote in November’s general election.

You are eligible to vote in Georgia’s Runoff elections if:

  1. You registered to vote in Georgia by December 7, 2020.
  2. You’re a legal resident of Georgia.

The only Georgia residents who can’t vote are:

  1. Convicted felons who haven’t completed their sentence, probation or parole, or paid all fees.
  2. People who have been found mentally incompetent by a judge.
  3. Anyone NOT registered to vote by December 7.


State of Georgia. Register to Vote

Department of Georgia Driver Services. Voter ID

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