Fake Choice

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What’s a Fake Choice?

Most important issues are complex. Fake choice tricks us into thinking there are only two options. They’re trying to make us choose before we notice there are other options.

Examples of Fake Choices:

  • Mail-in voting – or fraud prevention.
  • Get a PhD – or be a failure.
  • Unrestricted gun ownership – or no guns at all.
  • Public health – or a strong economy.
  • Criminal justice – or criminals run free.

You get the picture.

Why do Fake Choices fool us?

Aw, Lou. Bless him. There are only so many things he can think about in a day. So if you ask, Hey Lou, do you want this:

Or this:

He’s NOT gonna go:

He’s not going to say, “WTF do spiders and ice cream have to do with each other?” Or, “I want ice cream, but can I also have the spiders to help me with mosquitos in my yard?”

He’s gonna choose the ice cream and get on with his day.

Lou just fell for a Fake Choice.

How do you spot it?

  • Notice that you’re being asked to make a choice – where one of the options is something no one would ever pick, like communism, anarchy, or economic collapse.
  • Ask yourself if those are really the only options. Sometimes in the moment, we struggle to see where the trick is. Take your time.
  • If you want to research the issues at hand, go ahead! But don’t let Lou convince you to go with what’s offered.


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