Voting & Elections


“Ballot harvesters” change votes or alter ballots.


Ballot collection boosts participation – not fraud.

Ballot collecting helps people who are poor, elderly, or live far from a post office to return their mail-in ballots. After completing and sealing their ballot, the voter hands it to another person to submit at an official drop-off location. This process is legal in 26 states. It is especially helpful for Native Americans.

The rules for ballot gathering are very strict. To date, the only charges of ballot harvesting fraud resulted from a North Carolina congressional race in 2018. There, a GOP operative was indicted for gathering and completing hundreds of ballots. A recent video claiming ballot harvesting fraud in Minnesota was the product of a “coordinated disinformation campaign,” according to researchers at Stanford University.

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What is Blexit?

Blexit is a targeted campaign to convince Black Americans to abandon the Democratic party. It is part of a larger effort to suppress the Black vote.

How are Black and brown votes suppressed?

Throughout history, politicians and the parties themselves have influenced elections by keeping Black and brown people from voting. Tactics include making it hard to register and to vote, and using disinformation to discourage people from voting.

Is my vote worth it?

Your votes affect how your government is run and your tax dollars spent on every level. Taking the time to read up on the issues and casting your vote is important.